About Us

We are located at 1694 Norcross Road in Erie.


Belle Valley Church was started in 1841. Some of our parishioners have told stories of coming to church in wagons and with bare feet. Our wonderful old graveyard has some of the oldest tombstones in Erie County! We have been serving the community for many, many years and as the Belle Valley area has grown, so have we. We always welcome members of Christ's family (that means you)!

We Are A Fellowship:

  • of disciples (students) of the crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ, in the "Presbyterian Church, USA"
  • with A 174 year continuum of Christ's palpable and loving presence in this community-and yet we're a younger, family-oriented church with a focus on God's dream for Erie.
  • with the caring nature of a community church "where everyone knows your name" and an unwritten code about who can belong or how you must dress doesn't exist.
  • with cosmopolitan-like diversity of age, giftedness, and experience (from business owners to lawyers, from social service providers to teachers, from non-profit reps to nurses, from candy consultants to accountants) .
  • of several growth accomplishments in recent years to equip its future outreach (i.e. ample paved parking, handicapped-accessibility elevator, large enhanced picnic pavilion) .
  • with a love for children and youth and how their gifts can be used in the life of the church NOW, not sometime in the future.
  • with a great location to the larger community (the intersection of I-90 & Rt. 8).
  • where good music and good preaching are complemented by a desire to provide a re-creative & dynamic worship experience every time we meet.

What are Belle Valley's "growing edges"?

  • We are determined to be intentional about reaching out
  • We will not resist growth because we are afraid of losing the intangibles of "smallness"
  • We value our members too much to settle for the "inevitability" of burnout
  • When it comes to "being church," we are committed to thinking outside the box!
  • We will not allow the phrase "limited resources" to be interpreted as "limited ministry."